6 Reasons Seniors Need Regular Dental Care

Just because seniors don’t always have all — or very many — of their teeth left or they wear dentures doesn’t mean that they should forego seeing their Phoenix, AZ dentist. In fact, for these very reasons, seniors have unique needs when it comes to their dental care as they age. Scheduling routine dental visits throughout a senior’s life is not only crucial to maintaining their good health, it can also point to other conditions that might otherwise be overlooked. Some possible issues that can be discovered during a routine dental exam include the following:
1. Root decay
As a senior ages, their gums are more likely to recede. This process exposes the tooth’s roots, leaving them more vulnerable to decay from food particles and mouth acids.
2. Changes in sense of taste
Changes in the senses are one of the side effects of aging. Noticing a more muted ability to taste substances can be caused by aging as well as disease, dentures and certain medications.
3. Denture-induced stomatitis 
Denture-induced stomatitis is classified as inflammation of the gum tissue that is sometimes covered by dentures. Dentures that are ill-fitting and poor dental hygiene are some of the most common reasons for this condition. It can also be caused by a fungus called Candida albicans.
4. Dry mouth
There are numerous reasons why a senior might experience dry mouth. Certain medications, as well as some diseases, have this kind of side effect. In addition, radiation and other types of treatment for cancer can reduce saliva and cause a dry mouth.
5. Tooth that are dark
As a senior ages, a lifetime of enjoying foods and beverages begins to catch up with his or her teeth. The staining that can occur with these substances begins to build up over time. Changes in the tooth’s dentin can also cause teeth to become darker.
6. Uneven Jawbone
Tooth loss that isn’t addressed can result in the shifting and moving of nearby teeth. This can ultimately result in the senior having an uneven jawbone.
Many of the above-mentioned conditions start off as small issues that can progress to more complex problems if not treated promptly. At Mountain Park Dentistry, Dr. Randy Mow and his dental team provide services for patients all ages in Phoenix, AZ and the surrounding areas. Contact us today at our conveniently-located office in Phoenix, AZ for more information about our services such as deep bleaching, veneers, implant restoration and more or to make an appointment.