As the dental field continues to make new advances, we are proud to offer these to our patients. Here at Mountain Park Dentistry LLC, we truly believe that dental implants can help our patients.

Dental implants basically act like the roots of your teeth. They are placed in your jaw before we place replacement teeth on them. These teeth can be permanent like crowns or removable ones like dentures.

Missing and damaged teeth need to be fixed, not only for the sake of appearance but also for the health of your mouth. Food and bacteria can hide in teeth that are crooked and broken. These teeth are harder to brush, so there will be times when you won’t be able to remove all the plaque.

Missing and broken teeth can also affect how you eat and drink. It can be really hard to eat until you get them fixed. It can also be hard to talk. You may not realize it now but once you get your teeth fixed, your speech may really improve.

Dental implants can last you for the rest of your life as long as you care for them properly. You need to continue to floss and brush your teeth daily. You should also use mouthwash. You also need to continue to visit your dentist regularly to ensure that your mouth stays healthy and your implants continue to work correctly.

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